[Northkeep] seeking multiple contacts / reprint permission

Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Sun Dec 26 17:45:15 PST 2004

Greetings, all:

In browsing here and there on NK's website, I saw a list of past items in the newsletter.  I am seeking contact with the following authors - anyone who can help put me in contact with any of them would be much appreciated.  I'm hoping to gain permission to repost their work on a NK website.  I don't recognize most of the names, and have no idea if these folks are active under different names, or have moved, or are no longer with the SCA, etc... please feel free to forward this request if you have contact with any of the below.

thanks for any help in advance,



Ælflæd of Duckford - "On Approaching Royalty" 
Lady Cathryn ap Gwillym - "The Three Ravens" 

Roselyn d'Angleterre - "Mother, Bonnie Mother"  The Tournament and the Joust (pt.1), Tournaments and Jousts (pt.2), "Oyez, Oyez.....Why doesn't somebody listen", How to Generate a Period Pattern

Reagan - "Taking Scribe in Hand" 

Lady Alanna of Caer du Pard -  Clothing of the Middle Ages: ?-William I

HL Catherine ap Gwillym, C.I.M - Embroidering Celtic Interlacing, How to Have Fun at a High Persona Event, or: The Middle Ages Wasn't All Work and No Play, Courtesy and Modes of Address in the SCA, "The Authenticity Question: A Different View"

Cerelia de Lacy of Sherborne - A Glossary of Musical Terms, Songs by Pierre Vidal, Laws of Love 

Lady Patricia Fiona MacFarland - "The Bait"

Jerry Collins - "Why can't I be made of stone like thee?,  "Greatword Fighters have Longer Weapons", "Doe Warrior",

Of Recorders and Crumhorns and Their Renaissance Development, a learned paper by Omar Muhammed Mirazedeh 

Bulwyn Thorfinnson - "The Voice"

Balvin Thorfinnson - "Written on a Storym Night"

Selwyn Teubor - A Fighter' Lament

Kevin Michael Keary - "The Hordesman in a Non-Horde Society", "Mongolian Perspective: The Meaning of 'Enough'", "Mongolian Perspective: 'Honor' vs. 'Honors'", "Two Lessons from Central Asian History",

Alaric Luitpold von Markheim - "Choosing a Proper Coat of Arms"

Yoshii Hokumori  - "Crowns and Coronation"

HL Cathryn ap Gwillym  - "Courtesy and Modes of Address in the SCA (or Don't Wave When Yo Sholda Curtsied!)
Andrew Selwyn - "Oh What Love"

Daniel MacInnes - "Scottish Highland Dress",

Ceithlionn ni'Eo'ghan - "French Bread"

Isabella del Bosque  - "A History of Ceramics", "The Castellan's Query"

Hersir Thorvald Egilsson - "Call to the Raven", 

Debroa bat Yosef - "A Thought on Heraldry"

Lady Rowan ni Coerc - "Pagan Festival Resource",

Berengaria Ravencroft: The Plain Faqs "Who am I?/Kilts", 

The Plain Faqs "Escorting Ladies into Court", The Plain Faqs "A Year and a Day/Blackened Linen, The Plain Faqs "A Year and a Day, pt.2",  The Plain Faqs "Eenie Meenie Minie Moe/Movable Feasts",  The Plain Faqs "???",  The Plain Faqs "Is Chocolate period?",  The Plain Faqs "Latin Mass",  The Plain Faqs "Grommets/Smalls 

The Plain Faqs "Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, Mistletoe",  The Plain Faqs "Calendars", 

The Plain Faqs "Language of the Fan/What is the Millenium?",  The Plain Faqs "Norse Tatoos", The Plain Faqs "Norse Tattoos (again)/Mamluks", The Plain Faqs "Tournaments",

Anora (Anawyn) Bardolphe - "The Lodge at Castellan", "A Song of Northkeep",

Diarmaid O'Duinn - "Speaking Forsoothly"

Arthur Hull - "Drum Circle Etiquette"

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