[Northkeep] "You will witness Magic tonight"

Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Sun Dec 5 07:58:31 PST 2004

.. and magical, it was indeed - the words of the King rang true.

If you missed Wiesenfeuer Yule... you have missed a chapter of Ansteorran history that may never see its like again.

For me, the wonder started during feast, when Sir Owen ap Aeddan called for the presence of his fellow Knights and Squires. Then was summoned Owen's man at arms, Aethelred of the Broken Shield.  He was heralded in, and escorted his lovely Lady Rayhanna. They looked positively elegant in matching garb of black and gold. They were accompanied by "household and family." Behind them marched Morgan and Montega Blackdragon - Montega carried Aethelred's banner, Morgan held his shield. Next came the lovely Mehpare bint Ejer and her lord, Douglas, carrying the household banner. I followed last, discretely toting a camera, having been told firmly that while I had not accepted membership in the Household, "damnit, you're family."  We knelt or stood a discrete distance away, and so we could not hear all of what was said. Lady Rayhanna presented Owen's Lady Dagmar with some roses, and some to HL Gilyan, as well: For Aethelred was told that he was expected, as would be any squires of Sir Jean-Paul, to learn equally from both brother-knights. It was a really wonderful moment, and I was proud to be there. 

The feast progressed, with HE Master Lucais taking on Kelly (the daughter of Sir Sif) as an Apprentice. Additionally, another peer took on a Protégé, but I could not hear who was involved. I thought it was neat that all three Peerages took on students to teach.

Feast was cleared, deserts devoured, and as the herald (NK's own Seigneur Etienne) announced, "If you have never attended a court under this reign, you will know one word describes it: PUNCTUAL."  Promptly at 7pm, court began. 

There were, as the king remarked, "More Peerages given, than Awards of Arms." 

Northkeep's own Diarmaid O'Dunn was, in what appeared to be a completely sneaky surprise, elevated to the Order of the Laurel.  What touched me about it so much, is the other peers LINING UP to speak for this man. Sir Owen ap Aeddan said it most eloquently: "This is the man, who for years, has been the example to me of what a Laurel should be."  He was presented with a cloak of Her Excellency, Mistress 'Stacia's making, and if I heard correctly, a silver laurel medallion made by Master Beorhtlic Folcwineson. A wreath of laurel leaves was placed upon his head by his own Lady, Mistress Dunstana Talana the Violet. (Who had also made his garb: a very smashing ensemble with a woolen scholar's coat, with intricate raised work on the sleeves. Come to think of it, he HAD to have known, because he looked quite dressed for the occasion.) 

Baroness Adria and Master Artorius of Eldern Hills were called up and recognized for their service... but then their children were called up as well. "It cannot be easy to have such parents as examples" their Majesties said.  Their young daughter (age ten ?) was granted a Rising Star. Her brother removed his own, and gave it to her with a hug, which his mother begged to be documented with a photograph, because "He'll deny it later."  His gentlemanly courtesy and longtime service was recognized with an Award of Arms. 

A Centurion was made: I could not hear whom. When the centurions were called up, some arrived more merrily than others.  :-)  The lack of a Centurion scroll was remarked upon -- much to my chagrin. I'll be writing to the appropriate folks to get more of these scrolls which honor our mighty warriors.

A lovely tale was told of Amanda of Weisenfeuer, by HE Master Lucais, and how he had first met her. That she stood lonely vigil by the tournament ropes, watching her lord fight in the newcomer's tournament. He invited her out of the rain, under his pavilion. Yet each time her lord fought, she would edge closer to the field. And that, at the final round, he was honored to stand by her side, in the rain, as he watched her, watch her lord win the Newcomer's tourney. That he was touched by her honor and devotion. After telling his tale, she was granted an award of Arms. 

Sir Cassius Leapus (AKA Rabbit, the Knight to Northkeep's Wiggen Jonnson), was ninja-elevated... His Royal Majesty, Drake, called up his long time friend, and spoke eloquently of his service... of the hours Cassius had spent on a scroll we would all see later that evening.. and then the king lifted the Crown of Ansteorra from his brow, and identified Sir Cassius as the artisan as well. One of his entourage handed him the garter of a Star of Merit... we all saw the King touch its shining length... he paused.. "We have seen fit to grant you the recognition of .... THE ORDER OF THE LAUREL!!"  The assembled court went nearly mad with cheering. Four knights rushed forward to speak for this man. Two Ladies of the Rose. He is much loved and respected.

Claryce (I did not catch the rest of her name) was ninja-elevated to the order of the Pelican. Her response was so beautiful, so genuine - so overwhelmed. 

Baroness Michelle, HL Gilyan , Sir Jean-Paul, and Sir Aesoph Hearts were recognized for their devoted service, and the ladies were granted the Queen's Glove. The gentlemen were granted the very gauntlets that have buffeted eleven worthies into the Order of Chivalry.  The awesome history of those objects was impressive in their gifting. 

The elevation of Baroness Michelle was a thing of beauty. She looked stunning in a dress crafted by HL Maggie of Mooneschadowe.  Sir Owen heralded her into court powerfully, speaking mighty words of praise in a voice that shook the rafters.  Her Excellency Rhiannon of Mooneschadowe followed, accompanying the group with beautiful harp music. (How the heck do you walk and harp at the same time?!?!) Michelle approached, escorted by Aesoph and others carrying her device. She looked radiant, despite having been in Vigil all day in a lovely rose-strewn bower.  Again, peers lined up several deep to speak well of this woman. 

Many other awards were given, more peerages granted, but my mind is still swimming, overwhelmed by it all. 

I wish you could have all seen it.  (For those who did attend, if you are willing, I would like to invite you to write up your experience, and would ask permission to post them on my website, so that many perspectives can be shared.) 

in service,


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