[Northkeep] "You will witness Magic tonight"

Elodie elodie_osu at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 5 11:22:34 PST 2004

Northkeep's own Diarmaid O'Dunn was, in what appeared to be a completely sneaky surprise, elevated to the Order of the Laurel. What touched me about it so much, is the other peers LINING UP to speak for this man. Sir Owen ap Aeddan said it most eloquently: "This is the man, who for years, has been the example to me of what a Laurel should be." He was presented with a cloak of Her Excellency, Mistress 'Stacia's making, and if I heard correctly, a silver laurel medallion made by Master Beorhtlic Folcwineson. A wreath of laurel leaves was placed upon his head by his own Lady, Mistress Dunstana Talana the Violet. (Who had also made his garb: a very smashing ensemble with a woolen scholar's coat, with intricate raised work on the sleeves. Come to think of it, he HAD to have known, because he looked quite dressed for the occasion.) 

Diarmaid always dresses nice for court :)

A Centurion was made: I could not hear whom. When the centurions were called up, some arrived more merrily than others. :-) The lack of a Centurion scroll was remarked upon -- much to my chagrin. I'll be writing to the appropriate folks to get more of these scrolls which honor our mighty warriors.

Ld Johan of Wastlands

Sir Cassius Leapus (AKA Rabbit, the Knight to Northkeep's Wiggen Jonnson), was ninja-elevated... His Royal Majesty, Drake, called up his long time friend, and spoke eloquently of his service... of the hours Cassius had spent on a scroll we would all see later that evening.. and then the king lifted the Crown of Ansteorra from his brow, and identified Sir Cassius as the artisan as well. One of his entourage handed him the garter of a Star of Merit... we all saw the King touch its shining length... he paused.. "We have seen fit to grant you the recognition of .... THE ORDER OF THE LAUREL!!" The assembled court went nearly mad with cheering. Four knights rushed forward to speak for this man. Two Ladies of the Rose. He is much loved and respected.
This is also my lord Angus's knight also...we are so proud of our Rabbit

Claryce (I did not catch the rest of her name) was ninja-elevated to the order of the Pelican. Her response was so beautiful, so genuine - so overwhelmed. 
She was made a Laural 

 The gentlemen were granted the very gauntlets that have buffeted eleven worthies into the Order of Chivalry. The awesome history of those objects was impressive in their gifting. 
I think these were the same guantlets that buffeted Asoph and Owen

Also Sir Conrad took a squire...congradulations ld Angus!!




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