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Sister, just a few 'minor' clarifications to the deeds and words performed upon a night that is sure not to pass from memory for those who bore personal witness to a night of shock and awe, :-).
The cloak that was laid  on Dairmaid's shoulders by Beorthlic's hand, and by his kind ascent my own, was a heart gift made by my hand for Beorthlic's elevation at WYR now 6 years past... The passing of such a piece of historied regalia is a true mark of affection, acceptance, joy and respect, :-)...
Ox took your cloak ,that I believe that Catherine made for you, from off his shoulders to lay across our Rabbit's... Loved and cherished by him for a little over a year, I left my place in line that I might tell him that that was a hero thing. :-)...
Tarl giggled mightily to have been accorded her in your missive to have been given a 'second' peerage on that historic WYR now 11 years past, and if I did not say it befor happy anniversary!, Caitlin, who lives now only in hearts and memory was the other double peer made that night when she was entered into the order of the Pelican. You and he were the two shiny new peers of that evening--and with Brigitta treading the soil of distant lands, the only two here to share that anniversary...  Tarl would like to know what the first peerage was, giggle-giggle...
And yes the Lion was overcome with the evenings doings, Dairmaid was the first he stood for, and the words that overflowed his heart could come out his expression, stance and eyes but he could not give them vocalization...He rallied himself for the next three...( we are still  both drained from Saturday's doings)...:-)
The second weirdness was rwhen Claryce said during Rabbit's elevation that they had received their first elevations on the same day as well, In Kein and Alisha's 2nd reign... And as Darius pointed out on another list, that first 'Night of the Peer' 11 years since was in Kein and Alisha's 1st reign... 

Jennifer Carlson <talana1 at hotmail.com> wrote:
Since most of you weren't able to be there, I thought I'd tell a little bit 
about a certain someone's elevation.

The decision was finalized that afternoon, and it was a torture to keep from 
letting anything slip, especially since right after the circle Dairmaid and 
I went off-site to get something to eat. There I was, about to burst with 
excitement and wanting to do nothing more than a happy dance in the middle 
of the restaurant, and I couldn't even act happy, lest he get wind of it.

Actually, Dairmaid did not know ahead of time (for sure, that is, though he 
suspected) anything was afoot until Etienne called his name. He hadn't 
deliberately dressed for the occasion: he's generally a natty dresser. In 
fact, his sartorial splendor was mentioned during the ceremony as one of his 
virtues. And he's right - I did pout when he said he wasn't planning on 
wearing the scholar's robe that you've seen me working on at populace 
meetings for months now.

Some of hte attendees knew something was up - after all, we Laurels were 
going to zap three poeple that night, so it was imporssible to contain our 
emotions utterly - but no one knew exactly what we had planned. The knights 
found out about Dairmaid because I had asked the Chevalier Jean-Paul to 
speak for him. Jean-Paul didn't blab - he was later asked to be part of the 
honor guard during court, and had to explain why he had to decline, and word 
got around the belted grape vine.

His Majesty began his court by warning the populace they would be talking ov 
this night for months to come, that others would regret missing it, and that 
magical things would take place. Etienne can give you the specifics on all 
the other awards and announcements. I (understandably, I trust) don't 
remember everything that went on.

When the hearld called up the cirlcle, there were fifteen of us: Finn, 
Rosalynne, Alix, Ulf, Lucais, Athelstan, Tarl, Stacia, Oxlade, Beorthlic, 
Sudvchin, Jovian, MIchaal Fenwick, Anastacia (Stasha) and myself. The whole 
of the northern complement of active Laurels, plus a couple.

His Majesty made a good speech about Dairmaid's contributions, not only to 
Ansteorra, but also to the Knowne World and beyond, and praised his 
scholarship. Not a word mentioned about shoes, mind you.

the regalia had been prepared in advance and in hopes of needing it at this 
event. Beorthlic made a beautiful medallion of silver, with a wreath cut 
into it. Stacia provided a cloak she had hand-sewn and appliqued; and I 
sneaked my own wreath off its hook in our living room that morning without 
him noticing. Their Majesties permitted me to put the wreath on his head.

His Majesty asked for a member of the Chivalry to speak for Dairmaid, and a 
whole squad of white belts came down the aisle, all demanding the honor: Sir 
Jean-Paul de Sens, Sir Owen ap Aeddan, Sir Burke Kiriel MacDonald, and Sir 
Balvin Thorfinson. Sir Burke, claiming priviliege of age, told of knowing 
Dairmaid since he was still in high school; Sir Balvin spoke of Dairmaid 
having a warrior's heart and honor; Sir Jean-Paul recounted how Dairmaid has 
contributed and taught him and many others; and Sir Owen credited Dairmaid, 
who has Owen since Owen was in high school, with helping him to become a 

Mistress Stacia, speaking as a Pelican, praised all Dairmaid's peerlike 
qualities and how he exemplifies what we hold in esteem.

Master Tarl spoke as a member of the Order of the Lion - or rather, he tried 
to. He choked up and couldn't say much except that Dairmaid has always 
dressed and presented himself in a manner worthy of note. Afterward he 
confessed he was angry with himself, as he had intended a prettier speech; 
but seeing an old friend speechless was far more eloquent testimony.

Countess Octavia, though she only knows Dairmaid by reputation, graciously 
came forward to speak for him on behalf of the Order of the Rose.

And all through it, let me reiterate, not a word was said about shoes, 
though we Laurels had joked about kicking ours off and giving Dairmaid our 
shoes sizes and style preferences and he approached the thrones.

After all the hugs and kisses, we got back to our seats and had only a few 
minutes respite before our order, now larger by one, reconvened to induct 
another member. And later, another. So, Dairmaid was the baby Laurel for 
less than five minutes.

It was a wonderful night for me, getting to be a part of all that. I'm 
sorry not everyone could be with us to share it, but many of our closest and 
oldest friends were.

Mistress Satcia pointed out a curious coincidence about this event: Eleven 
years ago, at another Yule Revel, three Laurels and one Pelican were 
elevated, just like last night. And two of those Laurels became double 
peers, just like last night. The two double peers on that night eleven 
years ago were Master Tarl and Mistress Brigitta. The "single" Laurel of 
that night was me.

So, I'm bouncing with pride at being able to introduce my new Laurel 
brother, my husband, Dairm-- uh, wait, that sounds a little kinky.

Still busting with pride and wanting to happy-dance,


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