[Northkeep] Wiesenfeuer Yule

Jennifer Carlson talana1 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 6 17:23:40 PST 2004

Well, Sister Stacia, that's just the thing about elevations - they don't 
make you a peer, they recognize what you already are; so obviously, in the 
emotional rush of that night, I believed Tarl was already a peer.

Actually, I had thought, even at the time, that Tarl was already a peer.  I 
thought his Lion predated his Laurel.  Ah, well, brain cells, like 
batteries, don't hold their charge forever.

Anyway, it was a really, seriously, awesomely cool event.

(who is still sleep deprived from this weekend, and whose feet are still 
tapping happily)

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>Sister, just a few 'minor' clarifications to the deeds and words performed 
>upon a night that is sure not to pass from memory for those who bore 
>personal witness to a night of shock and awe, :-).
>The cloak that was laid  on Dairmaid's shoulders by Beorthlic's hand, and 
>by his kind ascent my own, was a heart gift made by my hand for Beorthlic's 
>elevation at WYR now 6 years past... The passing of such a piece of 
>historied regalia is a true mark of affection, acceptance, joy and respect, 
>Ox took your cloak ,that I believe that Catherine made for you, from off 
>his shoulders to lay across our Rabbit's... Loved and cherished by him for 
>a little over a year, I left my place in line that I might tell him that 
>that was a hero thing. :-)...
>Tarl giggled mightily to have been accorded her in your missive to have 
>been given a 'second' peerage on that historic WYR now 11 years past, and 
>if I did not say it befor happy anniversary!, Caitlin, who lives now only 
>in hearts and memory was the other double peer made that night when she was 
>entered into the order of the Pelican. You and he were the two shiny new 
>peers of that evening--and with Brigitta treading the soil of distant 
>lands, the only two here to share that anniversary...  Tarl would like to 
>know what the first peerage was, giggle-giggle...
>And yes the Lion was overcome with the evenings doings, Dairmaid was the 
>first he stood for, and the words that overflowed his heart could come out 
>his expression, stance and eyes but he could not give them 
>vocalization...He rallied himself for the next three...( we are still  both 
>drained from Saturday's doings)...:-)
>The second weirdness was rwhen Claryce said during Rabbit's elevation that 
>they had received their first elevations on the same day as well, In Kein 
>and Alisha's 2nd reign... And as Darius pointed out on another list, that 
>first 'Night of the Peer' 11 years since was in Kein and Alisha's 1st 

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