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Graue, Chris Chris.Graue at benham.com
Wed Dec 8 09:38:22 PST 2004

Cuteness? Now THERE'S something I don't hear very often! Now see, "the
name" wouldn't go with "the cuteness" at all! That's what's taking me so
long to find a name... Do you know how many CUTE German names there

I AM getting closer, though! Thanks to outstanding help from Zahava (not
Zubeydah... See? I CAN keep them straight!) She has found 3-4 different
spellings for Ilse, and I think she said Graudrachen is plausible. I
still like Gise, but not sure if I would use it with Graudrachen. I also
like the idea of using the "von" thing, but I have to figure out WHERE I
would be "from" first... But at least I'm CLOSE, right?

Chris (eager to slip out of the clutches of "the name")

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From: HE Mercedes

No  - Chris is just giving me a hard time.  Anytime you are in the
presence of the crown you should show respect by curtsying or bowing.
Chris always makes eye contact me with when she does it, though and has
her cuteness with her, I just smile at her................or call her
the name.


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From: "Zubeydah" <zubeydah at northkeep.org>

Er.... does that mean we AREN"T supposed to curtsey when we walk past
table / thrones / Royal Presence ...

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  From: Graue, Chris
  But if I knew how to act, then how would I ammuse Her Excellency by
  curtsying EVERY time I walk past them while serving feast? She is
  smirking and snickering at me... As if I'm not SUPPOSED to do that
  passing their table... First I didn't know I was supposed to... Then
  when I find out I am supposed to, she acts like I'm NOT supposed to...
  I'M SO CONFUSED!!! Perhaps I DO need this class!

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  From:  Montega

  Just thought I'd toss this in... the newcomer class I went to where
  court etiquette was taught was really helpful. Basically showed how to
  act if you were called before the King and such. Really informative
  really helped me understand how court works. Maybe another class like
  that would be cool. If not for this event but just because.


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