[Northkeep] Does This Mean..

Graue, Chris Chris.Graue at benham.com
Wed Dec 8 14:43:17 PST 2004

Oh, if ONLY I could find proof that wagen  COULD be used with volks in
period, you might be on to something there! Gise von Volkswagen... Hmmm,
hard to say Von Volks... And would one pronounce the wagen as Vagen? Von
VolksVagen? Hmmmm... May be a bit much... Actually, Von der Volkswagen
might be more accurate (whatever the gender, Der Die oder Das... See why
I barely passed German?)

Chris (definitely "of the VW", but not so much "cute", despite the
sticker on my Cabriolet reading "Cute but kinda strange"... Although
what you said does sound hilarious! And by the way, it's always good to
be goofy)

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From: Val

Does this mean, then, that we need to address Chris as "Her Cuteness,
Chris of the VW" ??

Val (feeling a bit goofier than normal, and I mean no ill will to any)

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