[Northkeep] "You will witness Magic tonight"

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Always be pedantic with heralds, otherwise we may not believe that you
are giving the topic enough serious consideration.

In truth, I wrote the registered form of your name on my draft
handwritten agenda before court.  I went and looked it up.  The typing
this afternoon was "off the cuff" as it were.  As is usual, any errors
or omissions compared to the legal paperwork will defer correctness to
the legal paperwork.

Etienne ;-)

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BTW, Etienne, just to mention it (and who else should we be pedantic
but Heralds);
I believe that "Diarmuid ua Dunne" is how it's listed on my Iris, but of
many spellings _I've_ used over the years, that's not actually one of
:)   It made it past the Heralds as "Diarmait ua Dhuinn".

Should this be changed anywhere?


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