[Northkeep] "You will witness Magic tonight"

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As the Herald for his Barony, it is necessary that I know this, and see to it that it is duly announced.  However, pursuant to his wishes, I shall not refer to him by title, and shall not announce it personally--if that can be arranged.


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Ian wrote:
We could get Etienne the Herald in charge to post a copy of his court
if needed. That should sufficiently provide proof of this last weekends

My response:
I could do that...

I could also frame a copy and bring it to wInterkingdom with his name
enhanced in highlighter... (although I only have a pink one right now).

Or, I could do something period as a herald and stand in the town square
(or post to the email list for similar effect) and read the following
letters patent from the Crown:
Know ye that we Drake and Sibri King and Queen of Ansteorra in
consideration of singular noble Virtues and Accomplishments alike in
Courtesy and Honor as in Knowledge and Artifice do by these our Letters
Patent advance Diarmuid ua Dunne to the Rank Estate Style Title and
Degree of Master of the Laurel to be in all Places accounted a Peer of
our Realm with all responsibilities and privileges thereto appertaining.
In Testimony whereof we have caused to be made these our Letters Patent.
This is so done and given in our Barony of Wiesenfeuer on the 4th day of
December Anno Societatis XXXIX being Anno Domini MMIV.
Drake	Sibri
King	Queen

It was read; I read it.  The Crown was there and they told me to read
it.  It was witnessed by the order and they seemed pleased.  The crowd
was certainly pleased.  But from an official "did it really happen"
standpoint only the first two sentences in this paragraph matter.

Will that do?

Seigneur Etienne de Saint Amaranth
Star Principal Herald
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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