[Northkeep] There is too such a thing as a "car"

Graue, Chris Chris.Graue at benham.com
Thu Dec 9 09:47:30 PST 2004

LOL, Talana, you crack me up sometimes... But you have a good point.
I believe you're right about Wagner, but would it perhaps be Vagner? I
believe there was a musician (Pianist? Composer?) named Kurt Vagner...
Or am I dreaming? Wait... Isn't Nightcrawler's name Kurt Vagner??? MAN!
I can't believe I did that... But I still think there was a
musician/composer by the name Vagner at some time, though. I had not
thought of this option, thanks Talana.

The only problem with such a short name, is that it's German... It's
supposed to torment heralds to pronounce during court. I think German
names were created with the purpose of seeing if people could actually
pronounce them. That's just my personal theory, though.

Chris (adding Vagner to the list, perhaps)
Gise, Ilse

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From: Talana
You may safely (and preferably) substitute "car" for "fire dragon"
(shudder) in conversation.

Oh, and an "engine" is simply a device that does something.  So "engine
trouble" is period, too, though I suppose it referred more to jammed

How about the surname "Waggoner"?  It's period, English (in case you're
leaning away from German) and a nice play on your automotive preference.

Hmm - does anyone know if "Wagner" is the German equivalent?  Masamune?

In servicio,


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