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ravenrux at cox.net ravenrux at cox.net
Sun Dec 12 11:25:37 PST 2004

Greetings Ansteorra,

wInterKingdom is ovsr and I am pleased.  I would like to thank: everyone who attended; everyone who taught a class: everyone who cooked, served, sat troll, waterbore, chiurgeoned (or stood by in a chiurgeonly manner--as there were no injuries), heralded, and stood guard; everyone who helped with setup, teardown, kitchen clean up, policing the site; my keepers; the officers who faithfully dischared their duties; and escpecially those who traveled to our humble event.

I have made every attempt to keep careful records of everyone who volunteered.  I will produce a list as soon as I collate it.  If I missed you or did not get your name, I sincerely apologize.  Please contact me if I left you off of my list--I insist of giving you wordfame.

I do not yet have figures, but I believe the total on site was batween 115 and 125.  We did not sell out feast and I am unsure of the numbers.  I will leave gate totals to Lady Nadine.

A would also like to offer my apologies for anyone who was inconvenienced by scheduling anomolies.  

Again, thank you, it is though your efforts that the dream lives on.  

In Service,
Yahakiya no Masamune

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