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Herndon, Darin DHerndon at bswintl.com
Wed Dec 29 07:43:26 PST 2004

In addition to the notes Robert added, I'll throw in a few comments
since some of these are longtime Northkeepers that Zubeydah may or may
not have met.

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Lady Cathryn ap Gwillym - "The Three Ravens" 
HL Catherine ap Gwillym, C.I.M - Embroidering Celtic Interlacing, How to
Have Fun at a High Persona Event, or: The Middle Ages Wasn't All Work
and No Play, Courtesy and Modes of Address in the SCA, "The Authenticity
Question: A Different View"
HL Cathryn ap Gwillym  - "Courtesy and Modes of Address in the SCA (or
Don't Wave When Yo Sholda Curtsied!)

**All of the above are Mistress Caitrin ferch Gwillym if I am not

Bulwyn Thorfinnson - "The Voice"
Balvin Thorfinnson - "Written on a Storym Night"

**Both of the above are Sir Balvin if I am not mistaken.

Selwyn Teubor - A Fighter' Lament
Andrew Selwyn - "Oh What Love"
Isabella del Bosque  - "A History of Ceramics", "The Castellan's Query"

**I have not seen Selwyn or his lady in quite awhile.  I'd really like
to get back in touch with them if anyone knows where they are.  I think
the first name is an early name for him.  The third is his lady.

Kevin Michael Keary - "The Hordesman in a Non-Horde Society", "Mongolian
Perspective: The Meaning of 'Enough'", "Mongolian Perspective: 'Honor'
vs. 'Honors'", "Two Lessons from Central Asian History",

**This is Jochi, Keagan's lord, and I still see him occasionally.

Yoshii Hokumori  - "Crowns and Coronation"

**I have not seen Yoshii for a bit.  Is he back in Northkeep or has he
moved again?

Hersir Thorvald Egilsson - "Call to the Raven"

**Thorvald was at Wiesenfeuer Yule and has posted to this list recently
about the Tulsa Zoo competition.

Debroa bat Yosef - "A Thought on Heraldry"

**Debroa is at most Northkeep events, usually with Damon and Ismet.

Lady Rowan ni Coerc - "Pagan Festival Resource",

**Rowan occasionally emails Rosamund but I do not know that we have
crossed paths since Dora was born.


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