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Susan Campbell arspudsmom at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 13:11:57 PST 2004

Robert Fitzmorgan <fitzmorgan at gmail.com> wrote:

Roselyn d'Angleterre is still in Northkeep and is seen at events a few
times a year.

Roz can be contacted at F-Ross at SBCGlobal.net

Daniel MacInnes Moved into the Southern Region of the Kingdom I
think. I haven't seen him a a few years

The last time I saw Daniel was at Med Faire, He use to do interpreting at Skelly Drive Baptist Church. Dan is his mundane name too, and he is married to a lady named Theresa

On Sun, 26 Dec 2004 19:45:15 -0600, Zubeydah wrote:
> Greetings, all:
> In browsing here and there on NK's website, I saw a list of past items in the newsletter. I am seeking contact with the following authors - anyone who can help put me in contact with any of them would be much appreciated. I'm hoping to gain permission to repost their work on a NK website. I don't recognize most of the names, and have no idea if these folks are active under different names, or have moved, or are no longer with the SCA, etc... please feel free to forward this request if you have contact with any of the below.
> thanks for any help in advance,
> zubeydah

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