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Gave me goose bumps. :>

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OK folks, this is too cool not to pass on.

The group is called Tyr. They hail from the Faeroe islands and the language is Faroese which, along with Icelandic, some consider about as close as you can get to Old Norse. Apparently this group is highly popular in Scandinavia (no surprise there), and eastern Europe. 

The High Quality version is 11M the low Q - 1.8M. 

The song:
Regin Smiður is an old Faroese ballad telling the tale of Regin the blacksmith and his part in the destiny of Sigfried Dragonslayer. Regin plots to decieve Sigfried but Odin makes sure that Sigfried is well informed and eventually Sigfried slays Regin as well as the Dragon. 

About the recording and the action:
Regin Smiður was recorded in Jomsborg Viking Festival 1.-3. august 2003 and includes some liveshots from concerts. In the video, Týr are performing together with vikings from the Festival. In the first scenes, Týr are welcomed at the high table of noble chieftains from Germany. The fight scenes are from the festivals live performance, great battles between vikings and slavs at Jomsborg. The fight-scenes where Heri is included is performed by the vikinggroups Kruki and Wataha . The artwork of Ingólfur Júlíusson is nothing short of fabulous. He has captured the true viking spirit. 


Lyrics and English translation are available at: 

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