[Northkeep] Dance class at winterkingdom?

Amanda Wallace dragontamerbrat at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 07:48:05 PST 2004

You are right, it is a lucet. Now as to if anyone has any, I'm not sure.


On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 13:21:34 -0600, Graue, Chris <Chris.Graue at benham.com> wrote:
> Was this class taught at wInterkingdom after all? I didn't remember
> seeing it on the list of classes, or I might have tried harder to get
> there... I'll be ok if I know I didn't miss it.
> Hey, here's something from LAST year's wInterkingdom (amazing that it's
> been a whole YEAR)... Doesn't someone have those lucet weaving thingies
> they would sell? They look like slingshots or something... Am I thinking
> of the right term or am I having another moment? I remember someone
> saying they had one I could buy, but then we both forgot about it, I
> guess. I would also need instructions on how to do it, since I didn't
> know what it was to be interested in the class. Once I saw someone
> wearing garb that had this as trim, and she explained to me that's what
> it was, I was quite upset at having missed it. I also like the idea of
> using this as ties for the kids' garb (like Christopher's pants, etc,
> which currently have cotton clothesline for a belt, lol... Just call him
> Jethro)
> Thanks to everyone. You are all so kind, and smart, and fun... Ok, not
> everyone is all of those at one time, but thanks, none the less. It has
> been an honor and priviledge to spend time getting to know each one of
> you, and I hope to be in your company for years to come, ever learning,
> ever growing.
> Most humbly,
> Chris
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> On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 17:47:45 -0600, Deborah Sweet <dssweet at okstate.edu>
> wrote:
> > Would there be any interest in a dance class at Winterkingdom?
> > Does anyone have specific requests for dances covered?
> > Or would I be all alone in the room when class time comes around?
> >
> > Estrill
> > once-upon-a-time-dance-monger
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