[Northkeep] News of AAA:

Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Mon Jul 12 07:25:25 PDT 2004

My brain's still frazzled, but the one piece of news I wanted to share: 

Centurion Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearn ap Llewellyn ap Gruffudd ap Gwent ap Bredd ap Camden ap Anarward... Squire to Sir Burke... won the day in an amazing battle at the barrier, to take the day as King's Champion!!!  The bout was stunning, with the combattants doing a 'point fight' - first to 5 points : A TIE! Then to 7 points, with Prince Drake informing them if they tied again, they'd go to nine... 

As for other goings on: I'm looking forward to the Court Report as much as everyone else, because I couldn't hear a darned thing in court... though it was amazingly cool when, after HRH Drake crowned himself and called for his queen, Sibri was carried in on a white throne-chair contraption borne by six barechested warriors of Ansteorra. (yes, I have pictures!)

The Merry Musicians of Mooneschadowe totally rocked as always, and played the Darth Vader/Imperial March as HRH Drake entered dressed as a Roman Centurian in some way cool armor. I could hear them much more clearly than the speakers! Vivat to the MMM!

-a very wonky,


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