[Northkeep] care packages

Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Tue Jul 20 08:36:34 PDT 2004

One of the things that stalls groups organizing this sort of thing is lack of money for posage. Folks are glad to donate items, but its having / collecting the money to actually get it in the mail that they run into problems.  (At one point, Blue Star moms had over 1000 lbs worth packages waiting to get sent - but no money for postage to get it to the guys.) 

Do we have specific names and addresses for the northern regional guys? Do we want to do this on our own, or part of the Society group? Do we want to give support to an organization (like Blue Star moms) that's already up and running, but might need volunteers and or money, etc? Is this a Barony project, or simply individuals in the Barony?

There's a lot of questions that need to get answered so we're all working in the same direction.... 


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