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Tue Jul 20 10:13:10 PDT 2004

He has already decided that when he reinlists at the end of this term, He is going to choose a new post in Italy.  I told not to forget his mom when it comes to purchasable artifacts.  If he gets the new post there, it will be alot harder for him to come home and he said we should be prepared to do without him for at least a year.  Not fun for Dad or Mom.
He believes he has the viking way in his blood.  he makes up quite colorful stories of his "viking" ancestors and their exploits when he has had a few too many bacardi 3's and he loves singing our version of flight of the valkrys during storms at sea, while everyone else is up chukking in the ocean.
He says the storms at sea are like the first time on a new roller coaster: thrilling and a wonderfu rush.

"j.t.herring" <j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
I saw his Dad (Perry) who works at the Walmart in Claremore part time just
recently. Balsac was home for a short time (I believe he said it was after
getting back from his second trip the middle east) then was going back
aboard the ship and was heading for Greece or Cyprus, some where in the
Mediterranean. Apparently he has really taken a liking to the Navy and plans
of serving for a while.


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