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Thank you very much.  It is good to hear that the relationships are good between you'll and the Canton

"Dawson, Lynne" <dawsonl at unionps.org> wrote:
We have at least one dollar theatre that's located on Memorial Dr. behind the
Baskin Robbins between 61st and 71st Streets.

We have an awesome health food store called Wild Oats that's at 41st and
Peoria and a brand new specialty store called the Market at 61st and Yale.
Akins is also a big health food store here. There are several others
including Martha's in Broken Arrow on 71st St. as well.

Our Canton is located in Bartlesville which is about 45 min. to an hour
North of Tulsa and while they are welcome to come and attend our Populace
meetings and play with us at everything we do as a Barony, the core group
there has asked to be our Canton while they are getting started as a group.
There are certain requirements that have to be met to become a Canton and the
group has to get permission from the Crown and the Barony that they are
living near and asking to be a Canton of. For instance, if a group was
forming outside of Oklahoma City, they would ask to be a part of the nearest
Barony to that location which would not be Tulsa. This also means that while
they still play with us, they are trying to fly on there own as a group in
their own right, but still need the support of a larger group while they're
getting their wings. They have their own officers and meeting times, fighter
practices, etc., and they will have their own events. Our Barony fully
supports them in their efforts and hope they do well in their pursuits. We
all play and work together extremely well as you will find when you come to
our group. We also have another group that is forming in the Tallequah area
whose core group is pretty strong. They have not applied for Canton status
yet, but I believe they're very close to meeting the requirements for
applying for Canton status. Our Barony has and will support them as well
until they no longer need help and are able to fly on their own. This is the
way that the SCA grows. I hope I've answered your questions for you, and hope
to see you at our local happenings when you get settled here.

In Service,


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Heres a list of the things I am interested in and my questions are primarly
are they available because most are not here in Birmingham.

Some of these questions have been asked months ago but, as time is fast
approaching I have forgot most of what I learned.

Are there dollar theatres?

In Dallas there are large health food and speciality stores like Whole Foods
and Central Markets they are usually the size of a Krogers or Albertsons
grocery store. Do you'll have anything close as we drive 4 hours to Atlanta
now for those things.

Tell me about the canton. Primarily why is there one, does everyone get
along and play well together. Where is your canton located. I have been in
the SCA almost 2 years and have not figured out the ins and outs of the
cantons, shires, barony things yet. Have never been really interested
before. We have a canton here but, they are in Trussville about 20 miles
away so for regular meetings they are a little far. We do go play with them
and take classes with them sometimes.

Worf wrote:
Well, Sapulpa and Broken Arrow both are just a few minutes away from 
almost anywhere in Tulsa. Apartments in tulsa are 550 and up for a 2 bdr..
slightly lower in BA and Sapulpa..
Houses are in all ranges..
Shopping abounds as do fast food, and mutli plex theaters..
any specific question?\\\

Im a past Hospitiller, and current Journeyman Chiurgeon

Lord Galiwyn 
A Lover, not a Fighter.
Member of the Inn of the Weeping Unicorn.

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