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Some years ago when I was in the barony of SunDragon (in Atenveldt) we
called that type of activity "Free Time". The reasoning behind it was people
kept saying, "Oh, I'll do that when I have some free time."

So, a regularly scheduled block of several hours of free time was put in
every month on the baronial calendar. People would bring what ever they had
to work on and chat and plan. It was a lot of fun and people actually got a
lot accomplished, individually and as a group.

Interesting how similar creations come independently across time and place.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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> Here in Tahlequah we are still a fairly small group and we don't have
> enough members to have a scribal meeting, sewing guild, etc.  So, we
> have just scheduled a time every month to get together and work on our
> various projects.  This gives us all a chance to explore different types
> of Arts and Sciences and to learn from each other.  We also like to do
> children's A&S stuff just because it is fun and the kids really like it.
> Not to mention the fact that it gives us all an excuse to get together
> and hang out! We have a supply box full of enough odds and ends to get
> newcomers started on some sort of project, so that no one feels left
> out, and it gives us time to work on our group projects as well.  It's
> really a lot of fun!!
> Rayhanna (who is dedicated to letting the people in the Tahlequah area
> know that there is more to the SCA than knuckle-dragging stick jocks
> beating on each other with sticks in spite of what Aethelred says!)

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