[Northkeep] Rapier and Gulf Wars

Vickie Barbour vickiesltw at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 7 04:39:48 PST 2004

Good Morning,
I am Gelis of Iron Mountain from the Barony of Iron Mountain in Birmingham AL.  My husband and I will be moving to the Tulsa area with in year, not sure of the exact date just yet.  I am interested to know if your doing epee or schlager fencing.  Also, rumored here that your area of the country is sanction for side sword.  
Please send details.
Right now we are both fighting schlager.  Currently I have all my authorizations but, cass.  Which leads me to my next question.  Will we have to get completely requthorized.
Is there Any one form your area that will be going to Gulf Wars?  We are camping in Last Bastion and would like the opportunity to meet some people for your neck of the woods and find out what is there.
 In Service

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