[Northkeep] heavy armor for sale (baulsac)

isa van reinholte isavanreinholte at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 10 18:57:01 PST 2004

It has been a great long time since I have written or attended anything with in our fair barony.  I do apologize and hope to attend some events 
Anyhow...for those of you that can remember, my son Frederick (sca name Baulsac)
or as he preferred  "big daddy baulsac the impaler of northkeep".  He wishes me to handle the sale of his armor.  He is in his 3rd year with the U.S Navy and he is strongly considering becomeing career.  No room in a tiny birthing for a full suit of armor.
Also, the navy has managed to slim my boy down to almost nothing.  That big ol' head he used to have won't fit in his NOW oversized helm.....etc, etc.
I need to know if and where the next fighter practice will be held.  I am hoping Sat.  at the park across from the hospital.
items include, knee and elbow coups(sp), kidney belt, van braces, helm, two cast iron basket hilts with rattan already attached.
all the steel is still in like new condition as he only got to fight in them 2-3 times before he shipped out.  
In Frith, 
Isa Van Reinholte

Isa Van Reinholte

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