[Northkeep] Fw: Friday

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 10 20:34:11 PST 2004

The Monte Cassino demo is this Friday. The entire 3rd grade class of the
school is eager to have people in armor fighting for  them...so please if
you can help or know some one who can, have them stop by from 12 to 1 on
Friday and make a child's day.

They have a special room set up for changing and we have the entire Gym for
an hour.

This is a message from one of the Parents helping organize the demo.
 - The music room (which sits behind the stage in the elementary gym) will
be available for you all to use to change clothes for this Friday's
demonstration.  You can park right in front of the gym doors. The school has
a one way drive (North to South) on the East side of the school buildings.
If you are south-bound (i.e. coming from downtown) on Lewis, enter the
second "driveway" past the intersection of 21st Street and Lewis.  The gym
doors are on the far South Side of the drive as you travel in front of the
school.  Just park to either side of the drive against the curbs.  (or, if
there are spaces available, feel free to actually use a parking spot in the
adjacent lots.)  I will be waiting outside the gym doors from 11:45 or so to
try to assist you.  Do you need a microphone, or any other special
equipment?  Again, thank you very much for doing this for the  kids.  They
are very excited.  If you need to contact me directly, please donot hesitate
to call me at 746-0566. I am look forward to meeting you and the other SCA
members.  Julia Watson

Kind Regards,

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