[Northkeep] The Passing of Baroness Gwendylon

Burke McCrory burkemc at cox.net
Mon Mar 22 18:09:24 PST 2004

It is with great sadness that I bring to you the following.

Her Excellency Gwendylon of the Copper Beeches, Baroness Wiesenfeuer (mka 
Maggie Jessen-Warner) passed from this world on Saturday morning after a 
long illness.  She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.  A memorial 
service is planned this Saturday, March  27, at 1:00pm at Christ The King 
Catholic Church in Oklahoma City.  The service will run approximately 45 
min. with a reception to follow at the church.  The service is mundane so 
SCA garb is not appropriate.  His Excellency Sir Frederick von Sternwald, 
Baron Wiesenfeuer (mka Jim Warner) has asked that anyone wishing to send 
flowers or cards send them to the house.  Any questions or comments can be 
sent to me and I will pass them on to the family.

Sir Burke
burkemc at cox.net

The Heavens are a little bit dimmer for the passing of this bright star.

Christ The King
8005 Dorset Dr,
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Phone: (405) 842-1481

Here is a link to expedia maps
Just use the above address to get a detailed map

Home Address:
Maggie and Jim Warner
3153 N.W. 25th
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107

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