[Northkeep] Consulting

ravenrux at cox.net ravenrux at cox.net
Wed Mar 24 08:17:59 PST 2004

Greetings the List,

Just a reminder--there WILL be consulting tomorrow night from 7-9 PM at my house.  The address is 929 S. Canton Avenue.  Canton is three blocks east of 11th and Yale.  We are (I think) the third lot on the right (east) side.

If you have a submission that is currently pending, then you should attend.  We are going to try to make as much headway as possible on current submissions.  We will not be doing new submissions at this time, but if you wish to attend and learn or help, you will be most welcome.  I encourage all heralds to attend (Ly. Rosamund and Sr. Etienne are, of course, not expected) as the more hands we have, the more headway we will make.  

Thank you all for your patience and forebearance.

In service,
Masamune no Yahaki
Northkeep Herald

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