[Northkeep] Comuting member

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 25 11:53:21 PST 2004

To all in the great barony of Northkeep, I have news some might find of interest.

Yesterday I was offered a Job with a Sprinkler design firm in Tulsa (actualy Clarmore). This is a major step for myself as it puts me in the middle of the field I just spent five years studying for in School.

However, the comute will be prohibitive (almost 2 hours door to door). So, I will be staying with relatives in Tulsa during the week to help save on gas. 

Translation for  those of you who live in the great barony;

You now have a comuting member, if you'll have me that is. I do sincerly want to take advantage of my location while I can, meaning that I think its high time I start making an active effort to hang out with Northkeep some more. 

Well, if you'll have me, I would be greatly honored to join with--and help where I can--your wonderful group. 

Lord Ivo Blackhawk

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