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Tue Mar 30 07:30:23 PST 2004

Greetings All,

Could Ye, Excellencies and Good Gentles All, please post this message to your respective lists and ensure that any who might enjoy it receive it?

Domo Ariagato gozaimasu

Masamune no Yahaki

Pray know that I, Masamune no Yahaki, by the leave and grace of Her Excellency Anna Maria de Mercedes de Cerdaña Baroness of Northkeep, do establish this Yamato-Ron  This school of Japan will pursue fields of study to enrich the field of Japanese persona study.

The Yamato-Ron will study:
1)  Language (Nihongo)
2)  History (Kaden)
3) Garb (Kimono)
4)  Court arts (Kugemono)
5)  Military arts (Bukemono)
6)  Bushido
7)  Literature (Bungo)
8)  Arts & Sciences (Geifun)
9)  Heraldry (Mon).

Additional fields of study will be offered as need and instructors present themselves.  I have a great deal of resources in most things Japanese.  I will make these available at Yamato-Ron meetings and available for check-out to my students.

It is my intention to establish a Japanese court contingent and a Japanese military contingent.  I would like elements of these contingents to be present and visible at Northern Regional events.

The Yamato-Ron will meet once a month in Tulsa and as often as possible at events and at other times.  If you are interested in joining this Ron, please contact me.  My e-mail address is RavenRux at COX.NET.  Please let me know your name, e-mail address, persona period, caste, and possible meeting times so I can establish a schedule.  

In Service,

Yahaki no Masamune

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