[Northkeep] North Sea Raids ! ! !

Shane Wallace sdwsdw30 at totalzone.com
Tue Mar 30 01:25:23 PST 2004

Their Excellencies of Raven's Fort
Niklas and Kezia invite Their good Ansteorran neighbors to North Sea Raids

Scandinavian longships will sail the whale road to the shores of 
Scotland on ***April 2-4, 2004***
Ship to ship battles! Ship to shore battles! Gate and Barrier battles! 
And other scenarios to test your skill at arms!
All Skalds and Bards! The honor of being Raven's Skald  awaits those 
that via for titled bard of Raven's Fort.
Archers!  A grand competition for the Archer of the Fort!
An Arts and Sciences Display for those that wish to show their best work 
within a Northern European theme pre-1000 c.e.
Best Period Camps within the theme of Viking and Celt pre-1000 c.e.
North Sea Raids will be at the Stones of Raven's Fort located near 
Huntsville, Texas.

Directions: Please read the FEB or APR Black Star for written directions 
or contact the Stewards for directions to the Event Site. Thank you for 
your kind consideration...!

There will be a Hot and Hearty Feast consisting of period Northern 
European fare!
The Feast for will be served buffet/camp style for 75.
 The menu is: Roast Pork, Beef and Barley Soup, Beans and Caraway, 
Cabbage, Cheese, Griddle Bread, Butter, Preserves, Stewed Apples

Site fee: Adult - $8 Minors 6-12 $5 Minors 5 and under free. Non-member 
charge of $3 for Adults and minors 13-17.
Feast fee: $6

Steward: Kief av Kiersted - sirkief at yahoo.com - 936-291-3449
Co-Steward: Malcolm de Crauford - sdwsdw30 at totalzone.com - 936-594-4707
Head Cook: Lorraine Deerslayer - ldeerslayer at yahoo.com
Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
Minors may attend in the company of a 21 year or older adult with a 
signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form. All laws *will* be enforced.

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