[Northkeep] badges

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 3 08:01:29 PST 2004

>From: "Horn, Trisha D." <tdhorn at saintfrancis.com>
>My understanding of badges is - anyone can design and wear their own

Pretty much.  You might want to avoid designs that are obscene, or 
flagrantly copied from someone else's - although even that can be done in a 
way that won't confuse people.

>Are there any restrictions as to designs? What I'm wanting to do is make
>badges on cloth to hang on a belt and put the baronial patch above it for
>the kids and myself. Would this be acceptable and what would the guidelines

Think of a badge as a brand - you want something that when people see it 
will think "Oh, right, that's whatserface's stuff".   Now if you want to get 
your badge passed by the Heralds (which just means that they have a little 
better control over whether someone else is using your badge or device), the 
rules can get more precise.


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