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Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 3 08:28:12 PST 2004

Commenting, where we talk about and verify that the
device, badge and name submissions to the Kingdom
Heralds are proper, will take place on March 11th.
This is a good meeting to attend to listen and start
to get an idea of what you might be interested in for
your device/badge/name.  Heraldic consultation will be
on March 25th. This meeting is for Masamune and the
other assembled heralds to help people get their own
devices,names and badges figured out and documented.
Both meetings will begin at 7pm at 929 S. Canton Ave,
please email or call for directions.

Deputy to Masamune the Herald

--- Stephanie Drake <sdrake at matrixservice.com> wrote:
> Generally, I believe a badge is something used to
> mark your posessions...........  I'm sure someone
> will correct me if I'm wrong.  Most people like to
> have their badge be reflective of their device, for
> instance my device has a turtle and a cross of
> cerdanya on it, my badge is probably going to be a
> turtle on a cross of cerdanya, or a cross of
> cerdanya on a turtle.......decisions,
> decisions...........
> Any member of the Barony can bear the Baronial
> badge, and I'm guessing that one could look on your
> kids as your posessions so they could bear your
> badge, as well as the Barony's, being populace
> members.......
> As far as acceptable designs, if you plan to
> register the badge you will need to follow the
> standard heraldic rules and check for conflict, etc.
>  If you have an idea brewing you might drop Masamune
> a note and see what he thinks........  There's a
> heraldic meeting on the 11th and on the 25th - I
> can't remember which one is commenting and which is
> consulting..............
> Mercedes
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> My understanding of badges is - anyone can design
> and wear their own badge?
> Are there any restrictions as to designs? What I'm
> wanting to do is make
> badges on cloth to hang on a belt and put the
> baronial patch above it for
> the kids and myself. Would this be acceptable and
> what would the guidelines
> be?
> Raghnailt
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