[Northkeep] Yahoo acct.

Estencele Pursuivant of Ansteorra estencele at ansteorra.org
Mon Mar 8 21:47:52 PST 2004

That email is from a spammer who wants access to your yahoo mail account.
That way, he can use that address to spam people until either you or yahoo
figure it out and stop him.

Simply delete the message.  If you get any more of them, delete them without
even opening them.

Cellach Ferguson
Estencele Pursuivant
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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Sent: Monday, March 08, 2004 6:06 PM
Subject: [Northkeep] Yahoo acct.

> I got a strange e-mail that said this acct. is going
> to be closed by Yahoo. It may be someone trying to
> hack into this acct. but just in case, DO NOT SEND
> ANYMORE e-mails to this acct. Please use
> dawsonl at unionps.org if you want me to receive your
> e-mails. Thanks.
> Marta/Lynne
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