[Northkeep] scribal report?

Stephanie Drake sdrake at matrixservice.com
Tue Mar 9 09:13:59 PST 2004

Lynn doesn't need a report so much as confirmation of the date and time and address for publication in the saga.................


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I WAS sending them to Faolan, I think... but then she told me to send them
to someone else... then I think Amanda (can't keep people straight
sometimes, so I may be wrong there) came to me at Populace asking me to send
them to her as well... so one for A&S and one for the Saga, perhaps? Why am
I thinking Lynn was in there somewhere? AH! Just found the message from Lynn
about Saga submissions... so then Amanda has teken over from Faolan (I know
I'm not spelling that right, am I?)... is this right? Amanda and Lynn? If
so, I need Amanda's e-mail address... or do I send to Amanda and she sends
all A&S to Lynn?


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Amanda, I believe, for A&S, right?


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Oooops, I forgot... who do I send meeting reports to now?
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