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Dawson, Lynne dawsonl at unionps.org
Fri Mar 12 05:20:59 PST 2004

Congratulations! As a mother of 3 boys, I can only say that you are embarking
on an amazing adventure (and you will need to keep that in mind when the two
are off exploring their own little world!) It's pretty awesome to watch them
grow, and I'm glad our Barony will be a part of that. 


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>To Dagmar and Owen go our heartiest congratulations.  As the parents of 
>now 5 day old Lochlann, we wish simply that they got plenty of sleep in 
>anticipation of Henry's arrival!
>Cellach and Annais

Congratulations to both of you, it should be quite fun to watch the lads 
grow up together.  I'm thinking the teenage years will be quite eventful...


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