[Northkeep] It was great meeting all of you'll

Vickie Barbour vickiesltw at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 23 06:16:16 PST 2004

Good Morning Northkeep,

Just wanted to drop a line and let you'll know how much we enjoyed meeting everyone at Gulf Wars.  My Lord is getting very excited about the move to Tulsa, he came home and made plans to start working on several small things we have to fix before putting the house on the market next month.  Which prior to Gulf Wars he was talk and no action.  

Also, he appreciated fencing in the Ravine Battle towards the end of the day on Saturday.  He made the comment that it was time to learn Epee.  I did not have a chance to fight but, from what he indicated he thought Epee was great.  "Those blades were quick, you knew you were hit, but there was no hits that were too hard."  

So thanks again and I am sure we will talk on line between now and then.

Gelis of Iron Mountain

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