[Northkeep] Home from War.

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Tam - it was Joe Angus, Phaedre and Eadrick from Grimfells in Calontir who stopped to get you to the hick town.


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I am sorry to hear that you'll had problems but, very happy to hear that everyone arrived safely.

Tamberlin <tamberlinofnk at yahoo.com> wrote:We're home. For those who don't know, the truck broke
down on the way home. Broke a u-joint just north of
Jackson MS (smack in the middle of nowhere). We didn't
flip (thank God) but the truck isn't feeling so good
right now. Thanks to a knight, baroness and a captin
(I'm guessing a midrelm thing) from Midrelm, Randel
was able to get to a town and back with some parts so
we could jerryrig the more serious damage. Thanks to
some from wonderous Calintir (fayetville ak) who
helped us actually get to the next MS hick town
(forgive all I don't remember any names). Mon morning
we finally made it up to Memphis where we got some
more serous patching done and our own and darling
Montega (sp?) met up with us and was kind enough to
caravan with us the rest of the way. We still have to
get the drive shaft and the back end of the truck
checked out to find out exactly what all happened
there. Up till all that war was good. Thanks to all
that we're not sure when we'll have $$ to show again. 

I always say, if I didn't act a little crazy once in a while, I would go crazy. 
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