[Northkeep] was Curiosity is now looking for the MOC

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Rapier Marshall could have been Anaka, did she have waist length dark hair?  The lady with dark curly hair was probably Catan.  Was the gentleman at the Volunteer Raffle from Northkeep?


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Well, as I indicated I met so many I remember the NorthKeep incampment well.  There was a wonderful lady who was a rapier marshall (name escapes me.)  There was a lady who was from Homewood AL and now in Tulsa her (name escapes me.)  There was a lovely lady that bought a older house several dogs and cats and people she referred to it as an encampment (name escapes me.)  There was a lady with dark curly hair sitting with feet propped up and sewing or embroidering something again (name escapes me.)
If any of these descriptions ring a bell names would be appreciated next to the description and then I could remember who was who.
Then there was also a gentleman that sat with us for a little while at the Volunteer Raffle, very nicely dressed, heavy fighter, huge amber and I bet you couldn't guess (name escapes me.)
The only reason I was interested in looking up your MOC is because I am the MOC here and just wanted to talk.

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