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She had 
no idea anyone in Tulsa might be interested in historical cuisines, and was 
even more surprised at the things they carried that food historians might 
come to them for.
Ooooo! I noticed that too! Seriously great spices, etc., and conveniently 
divided by country, if you are attempting to duplicate ethnic cuisine. And, I can 
think of no other bakery in town, and I am including the divine Merritts, 
that can even attempt the kinds of pastries displayed there. If you have admired 
the elegant dainties seen only on Food TV, you can now bring 'em home if you 
have the cash to do so!
Two things: one, it is so wonderful that, even if you can't afford some of 
the goodies, it is still a delight for the eye, and two, they have made a great 
emphasis on the fact that, if they do not have it, they will order it for you. 
Something to keep in mind for those elusive feast ingredients!
The market is something along the lines of going to a museum for beauty, and 
maybe getting a trinket in the museum shop, I think. You can still admire, 
even if you can't afford, and yes, Talana is right, it is worth the trip to check 
it out!

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