[Northkeep] Ok, Bad Tech Day - was Archery practice...

BlakHawk blakhawk at blakhawk.cjb.net
Fri Mar 26 10:20:28 PST 2004

Bad Admin... Bad Bad Admin. OK Having been properly admonished I will tell U
that email I sent yesterday for Owen to contact me was from the wrong
account... Which is y u had to approve it b4 it would go to the list. :)

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Subject: [Northkeep] Ok, Bad Tech Day - was Archery practice...

To: "Sean" <ptolemaeus_draconis at yahoo.com>

U;m having a bad tech day and while I approved this message to come to the
list, I think I've also accidentally set you on an auto-bounce list.  Please
try to subscribe to the northkeep list, and see if you can actually post to
it :)

If not please let me know so we can fix things.  My apologies

(I'm posting this publically because I need the help with humility ...)


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