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Since the date has already been clarified, let me give you a few details.
The fair is a demo for the entire Northern Region. It is held at Reeves Park
about 1 block north of Lloyd Noble arena (where OU plays basketball). Since
this is a city park, no camping is allowed, but there are gentles here who
are willing to volunteer crash space. Drop a line to our coordinator, Lady
Kathryn, and let her know you need space so she can match you up with
someone. A hosptality tent will be provided by the barony for those working
with lunch meats and snacks  and water, gatoraide, and kool-aid not to
mention Annabelle's famous cinnamon rolls. We need arts and science
displays, people working on projects on site will be great too, people to
work the ropes talking to the crowd, fighters, dancers, people willing to
sit "court" and work the information booth. did I mention fighters?. What we
are hoping for is enough people working so that no one spends their whole
week-end working and everyone gets a chance to wander the fair. After this
is all over, we'll be breaking down the names of people who sign up for more
information and distributing the info to the group they are closest to for
more info. This fair draws approx. 200,000 people every year. You all are
definitely invited and more than welcome. We'll see you next week-end.

Baroness of Namron
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> When is Norman's Medfair and have we been asked to particpate?
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> Ismet
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