[Northkeep] Castellan Gate

Kelandra Carmichael kelandra_c at hotmail.com
Tue May 4 14:32:33 PDT 2004

Greetings from your friendly Castellan XV Staff.  :)

We have several gate shifts available for Castellan.

We need people for the following gate shifts:

6-8 pm. 1 more person

10-12 (2 people)


2-4 am (2 people)

4-6 am (2 people)

6-8 am (2 people)

8-10 am (2 people)

If you would like to sit gate during any of these time slots please email me
privately and I will put your name in :)

And don't forget that at Needleworkers 2nd Monday of the month (at Faolan's
house) we are doing an assembly-line to get the site tokens complete!

In Service,

Kelandra Carmichael
Faolan MacFarland
Marta Dormani
Castellan XV Autocrats

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