[Northkeep] Fw: demo

Ian Dun Gillan ian1550 at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 15 23:05:44 PDT 2004

I am forwarding this email from the head of the SCENE Home  School group,
the people we did the demo for today.

"The demo ROCKED, you guys were great! I wanted to apologize again for
the unexpected low turnout. We have several 10-12 year olds and almost
half a dozen teens in attendance normally who would have gone ga-ga over
it all! Some of it went over the little bitty kids' heads, but the
parents in our group will follow up with books, television programs, etc
to help them get it later. <G> Gareth and I talked with ours on the way
home and they were listening better than I thought. Although our
daughter was dead set against having to hunt down a caribou when she
wanted a new pair of shoes or new clothes....<EG>

Anyhow, we the parents, as well as the kids, enjoyed it immensely and
are SO grateful that you all took the time from your weekend to come and
share your passions with us!

We'd like to have you all come out again in the fall, and do it outside.
I was very intrigued with your recounting of what another group did and
would love to suggest it for our group!

Please feel free to share this email and my gratitude with everyone who
so graciously came along. The people who spoke were fabulous, the
performers were delightful; you all deserve applause and a mug of
whatever you prefer!

Wishing you all the best (and being a bit melancholy for the game)

Janece "

I would like to thank everyone who came out today and helped.
You guys did Northkeep so proud.

Kind Regards,

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