[Northkeep] Reeve-a-Thon

April Gillilan agillilan at swbell.net
Mon May 31 11:20:51 PDT 2004

That's right, as horrible as it may sound to some people; I'm going to try
and keep it as pleasant and entertaining as possible! :-) At Northkeep’s
Castellan event this weekend I am planning on teaching several classes for
treasurers or other interested people. 

There will be the traditional Reeve's Class for anyone who is a reeve and
hasn't had the class, anyone who wants to be a reeve, anyone who is on the
financial committee of a group that has not had the class, or anyone who is
just interested and wants to learn more. :-)  This class will begin at
1:00pm on Saturday.  Please bring your own chair and things to eat from.

I will also teach anyone who is interested how to fill out the report forms
in Excel. We can go through a whole year and encounter several different
possibilities and trouble spots. If you are into logical thinking and
troubleshooting, this would be a fun class for you!

We will also discuss possible fundraising activities or inventory purchases
for groups that want to raise more money. If anyone just has some
off-the-wall questions, or might be interested in being a reeve one day,
come on by and see how easy it is! Remember, next to the seneschal, the
reeve holds the most power in a group! :-) <evil grin> bwahahahaha

Last, but certainly not least!, there will be bribes! I mean, uh. snacks!
:-)  In an effort to blatantly steal good ideas, I am going to follow Baron
Robert's example of having a 'thank you' luncheon for all the local reeves
who have had to put up with me for the past two and a half years. :-) Even
if you haven't been a reeve, come on by and talk about reeve-type stuff and
you'll get free food! I may even ask my Mom to bake some cookies or cakes or
something. :-)

Hope to see lots of people, and get lots of questions,

HL Gilyan Clonmacnoise

Wicked Reeve of the North


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