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Its fun isn't. Gregg wants to go Sat. I think. Any way you can go then? I
watch our beer and wine every day for changes. It doesn't help, but I think
it's so cool to watch. If you transfer your beer to your carboy on the fifth
day you can actually see the bubbles in the brew rising to the top. If you
don't have it in a dark place, cover it with towels so the light doesn't
change the chemical process. We started our 3rd batch of beer yesterday and
bottled my first batch of wine on Sat. I'm waiting to start my next batch of
wine as soon as we transfer the beer to the carboy for the 2nd stage
fermentation process. Good luck and let me know if you can go on Sat.

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I have started!  I have started my first batch of beer, and have plans to
start some batches of wine soon.

And as of last night, I have BUBBLEs!  I will be bottling in 2 weeks and told
that it needs to sit another 2 more.  I need to goto Stroud to pick up the
rest of my supplies.

Renault du Mont Saint-Michel

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