[Northkeep] Scribal-May 6-cancelled. . . or not

Kathy Herndon kathy-herndon at utulsa.edu
Thu May 6 08:50:33 PDT 2004

>Sorry, I don't think I'll be in much of a mood to host anyone after 
>the dentist late Thursday, so I am begging your forgiveness in 
>cancelling Scribal at my house this month.

Hope everything goes as well as possible at the dentist.  If you feel 
well enough to attend--but not host--you can still attend Scribal 
Guild.  Siobhan has offered to host the First Thursday gathering at 
her house this time (825 N. Cleveland, Sand Springs, usual time 

And that's a Good Thing, because we have Castellan invitations to 
paint.  As with so many tasks, if everyone helps a little, no one 
will have to do a lot.  Anyone with a steady hand is welcome to help 
out.  If you have a size 10/0 liner brush, be sure to bring it, as 
the spaces to be painted are Very Small.  There will be a few loaner 
brushes available, as well as paints.


P.S.  If  anyone can't make it to Scribal but would like to paint 
some invitations, contact me off-list.  I'm sure we won't finish them 
all tonight!

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