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Potassium Sorbate will prevent new fermentation, but what is going on when
you add it will still finish. It basically castrates the yeast. Make sure
you leave your mead in the secondary for a few days to finish out the
fermentation. We just bottled our first cyser, and, well, Thomund likes it a
whoooooooole lot!

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Yep.. must have been a dead package of yeast. I mixed another and by the
time I got home today it was bubbling really good. I hope I waited long
enough to see if the other yeast was not going to be active but I should
have started seeing at least some movement after the first two days. So, all
seems well. I will watch this one close and add a yeast killer when it is
time. I've never used a yeast killer so if anyone has any experience doing
that let me know.
Thanks to all who responded!!!
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