[Northkeep] Re: PAGING Zubeydah / Now: seeking the reeve

Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Mon May 17 10:22:19 PDT 2004

Yes, we do .... the Barony's current water coolers are ready for retirement.
It's my hope to get them replaced by Castellan.
Speaking of which.... Could the Reeve contact me off list regarding
availability of funds for such a purchase?

-zubeydah jamilla al-badawiyya

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Subject: [Northkeep] PAGING Zubeydah - 5 Gal. Water jugs on Sale

Greetings Zubeydah,

If we (Northkeep) were needing any more 5 gal. water jugs for the Barony,
Sports Authority has their house brand 5 gal. water jugs  (which work very
well) on sale for $19.95 again.

I hear that you are all set for Castellan with water stations at each
activity site, from the list to children's.  Great Job!


Marcus Quietly
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