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Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Thu May 20 06:13:53 PDT 2004

Canned goods, such as the olives, pickles, gatorade mix, etc can be turned
in at this coming monday's populace. I will make myself available the week
of the event to collect perishable goods - or if we can get a list of those
who are attending, perhaps get their info out to those interested in
donating perishable items.

My goal is for Northkeep and its surrounding regions to provide ten times
what has been asked for.... as unfortunately, some of our neighboring
baronies have displayed their complete unwillingness to meet their most
basic responsibilities.  Should we surpass this goal, all the better... and
we can send our fighters knowing their comforts and needs will be taken care

We need:
10 containers of gatoraide: For safety reasons, the 'clear' types of
gatorade and those with red dye are NOT acceptable, as they are not easily
identified as 'not water' and 'not blood'. Orange, Grape, etc work best.
10 gallon jars - PLASTIC if you can find them - of dill pickles: sliced or
whole or chips.
10 cans (or more, they go fast!) of olives

By the week of the event:
10 pounds of carrots
10 stalks of celery
10 pounds of oranges
10 melons of any kind
10 lbs of block cheese

If each individual in Northkeep provided just ONE item, there is little to
no burden on any one individual.  If you cannot provide food items, then
please save any 'pop-top' / 'squirt top' bottle tops, and 2 liter bottles
(thoroughly cleaned). These are also needed. Kids done with that bottle of
pop? Wash it out and hang on to it! There's a contest for the household or
group that turns in the most bottles & tops!

I believe that we have a better understanding of caretaking here in
Northkeep, and of hospitality. We showed that at last year's Crown
Tournament. Let us show it even more clearly at AAA.

Additionally, if anyone would also be willing to donate small items of
largess for the waterbearers, this would be gratefully appreciated. I,
myself, will promise a largess-match: for every item of largess donated for
the specific cause of thanking AAA Waterbearers, I will make a bar of
chocolate for largess.

We have already had two individuals step forward and accept responsibility
to get the supplies to AAA, and so to those two of House Halfiras, I express
my thanks and appreciation!

in service,

zubeydah jamilla al-badawiyya
Northkeep WBIC / Captain: Synchronized Waterbearing & Cheerleading Squad

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> If we bring oranges and melons to the May populace meeting, then the
fruits will be bad by the time AAA gets here in July. Is there another day,
closer to the event, that we can gather these things?
> Chris (who doesn't care for fermented oranges... but others might...)
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> Unto the Populace of Northkeep, I convey this request..... and ask that we
exceed her expectations!  For myself, I am unable to attend the event, but
will be sending a 'Care' package for the use of the Waterbearers.
> Is anyone else willing to donate items such as are listed? If so, please
bring them to the populace meeting next monday, and I will do all in my
power to find a way to get them to AAA. ((If you are certain you are
attending, and would be willing to bring down waterbearer supplies, please
let me know. I'd be glad to contribute gas money.))
> -zubeydah jamilla al-badawiyya
> Your Northkeep / Northern Regional WB

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