[Northkeep] Naalbinding Class

Horn, Trisha D. tdhorn at saintfrancis.com
Wed May 26 07:23:52 PDT 2004

I was checking out the website and came across a subject that I am curious
if anyone is interested in teaching a class on... the bookbinding.  I wasn't
sure if anyone else was interested in this or if we even have someone who is
familiar with the technique (yeah right, with all the talent in this group)
that wants to mess with a class.  Just my farthing....

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> http://www.stringpage.com/naal/naal.html
> This website has a good description and some pictures.  Basically it's a
> form of needle weaving that can be used to make socks and mittens and
> other
> things.  I've heard it called swedish needle weaving and toothbrush
> weaving
> as well.  I know that more modernly, people used it make rugs that kind of
> resemble the braided rag rugs.
> Mercedes
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