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Diana Hartzmann diana.hartzmann at developingexcellence.com
Wed Nov 10 08:22:36 PST 2004

There won't be the big garage sale this next year??????   Waaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

I'm crying buckets!!!!!!

Hopefully someone will find a way of filling the void.

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Well folks, I have bad news.  I heard back this morning from the people at
Meals on Wheels, the group that had organized the "Tulsa's Largest Garage
Sale" for the last couple of years and was informed that they are not doing
it this year and that there probably will not be one in 2005.  I'm very sad
- both because I was looking forward to us having a booth and because it's
one of my favorite things to do in February.  If there is interest in doing
a standard garage sale sometime in the spring we could still do that if
someone is interested in letting us use their driveway......  It would be
the same sort of deal, anything left over would go to Goodwill afterwards.
Y'all think about it and we can talk about it further in the future.


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