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Tue Nov 2 07:51:04 PST 2004

>From: v barbour <clown_flutterbye at yahoo.com>
>Also, when and where the Populace meeting is, and what other meetings 
>you'll have going on this

Populace meetings are at the Martin East Regional Library at about 26th and 
Garnett on the last Monday of the Month (we usually arrive by 7ish).  The 
meeting is in garb.

The other meetings should be listed on the web page 
(http://northkeep.ansteorra.org/) under meeting times and places, and is 
generally accurate.

>My Baroness was saying that events are much different there.  She indicated 
>that you'll do not
>have feasts, most of it is camping and no reservations.  Is this correct.  
>Please if someone could
>take a moment to explain how an event works there I would greatly 
>appreciate it.

We do different events differently.  Generally Events do have feasts in 
Ansteorra, although not everyone attends them.  Some people do the camping 
only thing however.  Northkeep hosts two major events a year, Castellan and 
Winterkingdom.  Winterkingdom is the next one coming up and is a collegium 
type event.  It may or may not have a feast attached to it (more often than 
not it has had one, however there have been some years where it hasn't).  It 
is frequently not a camping event, although at times it has been.

The other event is Castellan, and it's held around the beginning of June, 
and is a camping event, and usually has a feast attached.

How an event works...  My understanding is that (for a camping event) most 
people start showing up at the site on Friday night, stop at the gate 
(generally called "troll", God knows why), pay site fee, feast fee, 
non-member surcharge if needed, sign a variety of increasingly bizarre 
paperwork and waivers, find a campsite, set up camp in the dark, and try to 
get some sleep (or party).  Opening Court is often on Saturday morning, 
along with armor inspections and whatnot (which is usually when those of us 
who gave up camping years and years ago try to get there).  There may or may 
not be a tavern on-site during the day where you can get food.  Any 
tournaments, competitions or classes will take place during the day, 
generally managing to be over in time for feast.  Feasts are -usually- held 
with servers carting food out to tables, who then see to serving themselves 
(servers are usually volunteers around here, although at some events I've 
been to in the Kingdom, each table had to supply their own server).  Around 
here, in this part of the Kingdom, you can safely assume that at a feast you 
will be fed on time, be fed a LOT, it will be edible, taste good and not 
poison you.  That's the minimum expectation, and I can't recall the last 
time I was at a feast in this part of the kingdom where the minimum was only 
reached - much less when it wasn't reached.  Most feasts far surpass the 
minimum expectation.  Other groups are not always so lucky.   Anyway, after 
feast, there is usually a court, which can be either short or long 
(generally lasting about an hour or two), dull or interesting, generally 
with someone in the background inappropriately singing some dippy song about 
"the court that never ends".  After court there is generally partying, 
wandering around from camp site to camp site, being social, and occasionally 
drinking.  Sunday morning there may be some more scheduled events, and/or 
clean up.

Does that help?


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